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The growing complexity that characterizes the relationship between brands and consumers makes it necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the behavior of those who deal with the identity and offer of a company or entity.

Therefore, an analytical approach must be framed within a carefully planned strategy, which allows to identify the correct target, the most effective communication channels, and the most suitable means to monitor the progress of the communication strategy from an economic point of view (ROI) and more.

Together with Digital Strategy specialists, DevelPro Agency’s Marketing and Communication consultants use all the tools at their disposal to develop a personalized strategy, which includes detailed planning and effective monitoring and coordination activities.


Planning, execution, and monitoring of advertising campaigns on Social Media and search engines.

Involvement of the target audience on Social Media and Customer Service activities.

Management of email campaigns aimed at promoting the brand and remarketing.

SEO is the English acronym for Search Engine Optimization. We aim to increase the popularity and authority of a website thanks to backlinking and on-site optimization campaigns.

Graphic design (company logo, visual identity, voice tone).

Drafting of textual content in different languages and SEO-oriented for sites and blogs.

Production of photographic and audiovisual content.

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