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DevelPro Agency

Turning ideas into Opportunities

Our agency consists of a network of experts with different yet complementary backgrounds. Our proven expertise ranges from legal advice to IR to management and digital and public communication.


Our attention to detail and in-depth competencies stem from a firm methodologic approach. Moreover, thanks to our presence in international markets and our team’s synergy, we provide tangible results that maximize the client’s investments.


Our work is distinguished by a deep comprehension of the client’s needs and goals, which results in custom, tailor-made solutions to each service.

We think of ourselves not as simple consultants but as business partners that support your business idea through each step, increasing its impact and sustainability.

What we believe in


We build relationships meant to last. Trust between our clients and us is based on the tangible results we deliver. 


We are leaders in our fields. Highly specialized competencies and continuous learning preserve the highest of standards for our services.



We believe in an innovative, analytical approach to business logic and problem solving, but we also focus on finding novel opportunities for our clients’ projects. We have our eyes set on new horizons. 


Our Method

How We Develop A Successful Business


We analyze the client’s business characteristics and the selected market’s risks and opportunities.


We apply a rigorous methodology to develop an in-depth, custom business strategy for a specific client in a particular market. 


We assist the client in the implementation of every project step, both remotely and on-site.


We monitor the successful closure and impact of the project with the client.

Our Team

Diego Pappalardo

Diego Pappalardo

Business developer e consulente formato in Affari Internazionali. Esperto di europrogettazione e processi di internazionalizzazione delle imprese.

Andrea de Camillis

Partner & Head of Legal
Andrea de Camillis

Consulente legale in Europa e America Latina, esperto in Diritto Societario, Commerciale, Investimenti Internazionali e Partecipazione Appalti.

Marco Testa

Digital & Software Developer
Marco Testa

Ingegnere Informatico esperto in design, sviluppo, distribuzione e mantenimento del software. Creazione di siti e-commerce e strategie di digitalizzazione.

Gaetano Tantimonaco

Communication Strategist
Gaetano Tantimonaco

Esperto di Comunicazione Aziendale, Content Creator e Social Media Manager.

Andrea Di Giovanni

Marketing & Digital Strategist
Andrea Di Giovanni

Ingegnere ed esperto di marketing digitale, preparato per trovare soluzioni innovative e ideare nuove strategie digitali.

Emanuele Maccotta

Business Developer
Emanuele Maccotta

Consulente strategico formato in Business Management e Computer Science con focus in digital marketing e nascita e sviluppo di Start-Up.

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